Mavericks back in Finals; get rematch

The Dallas Mavericks clinched their spot into the Finals on wednesday night, and lastnight the Miami Heat clinched their spot to face the Mavs. This is the dream “revenge” match up that every Mavs fan has wanted since the 2006 Finals. But you really can’t call this a revenge series because there are only four players left on both teams from that original line up. So while the teams will be playing to try and win a ring for this year, Mavs fans will want somthing more to get revenge on the Heat from 06.

This will turn out to be a great series and should be fun to watch, because in the early break down of the series, neither team has played a team like their opponent. The Heat haven’t had an opponent like the Mavs yet in this playoffs and vice versa. It will come down to who can impose their will the most. The Mavs can catch fire at any given moment and can make runs that will leave their opponent weak in the knees, just ask Oklahoma City. But the Heat may be one of the few teams who can defensively stand up to a barrage, not the mention the combination of “Miami Thrice”.

It is safe to say that the Mavericks will become America’s team in this series, becuase every NBA fan outside of Dade County will not want to see the Heat win a title this year. That may change if they struggle for the next four or five years, but first year out of the gate isn’t somthing anyone wants to see. This will be an entertaining serires, so stock up on popcorn and your choice beverages, because you will not want to miss anything during this tilt.

3 thoughts on “Mavericks back in Finals; get rematch

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  2. GO Mavs. Good point Kody on a team winning the first time out with their “heavenly trio”. YUK! Hope the Mavs pop their egos and send them home with their rear ends dragging the ground. Sorta like the Rangers playing the Yankees. This one ought to be fun to watch. GO MAVS (again)

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