Mark Cuban and his thoughts on the Media

Mark Cuban wrote a blog post recently on his opinons about the various types of media and whether or not they belong in the locker room post game. While he was talking about this as a sports in general type method, it really struck a chord with local sports talk pundits. And they were ripping Mark yesterday every chance they got.¬† After hearing the cliff notes on the radio, I was a little upset myself, but then I decided, I better go read the actual blog and see if it is as bad as they were making it. Especially since I am considered part of the media as an unpaid internet writer(Mark’s words, not mine).

After reading the complete blog post, I have to agree with some of Mark’s thoughts. There are the writers who will take everytyhing and put a twist on it, then there are the ones who will take the facts and add their opinion or thoughts on it. It is the guys who write for the major publications that tend to have more of an agenda and will try to make wild rumors stick and end up making a story that really isn’t a story. Cuban talks about there are writers who just do it for the love and are not focused on “pageviews” or trying to hit that one big story that could explode their site traffic. These guys are the ones who give bloggers everywhere a bad name.

There is a need for every type of media in the world of sports, but most of the specific team coverage should be handled by local media coverage and if there is somthing that deserves national attention, then let that be passed around. As I have spent more time writing and researching things to write about, I have learned that all of your major publications, Fox,ESPN,Yahoo and Sports illustrated all have agenda’s and they will spend more time pushing that agenda. There are people who want to blindly believe that and follow it, but then there are people who want all the information available and make their own descision.

Sports franchises and owners need to allow the people who are trying to give an opinion about the team or the game in an unbiased form to let everybody make their own descisions, but instead most teams will block the writers who aren’t under the major publications and use the ESPN’s of the world push a blind agenda to the masses. Mark Cuban may be a little eccentric, and gets a bad reputation for voiceing his opinions about subjects he feels strongly about. But in this instance as an internet writer who is pursiung my passion and hope to attend more events and cover them, I agree with him whole heartedly.

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  3. You can say this for Cuban, he calls it like he sees it. I agree with you…some writers go to great pains to “make a story”. Shame on them, but that’s what they are paid to do and it is just a bad part of the process. I don’t particularly care for Cuban, but at least he is not afraid to speak his mind. Guess anybody that has as much money as he does can speak his mind no matter what the consequenses. Time will tell.

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