Longhorns Stun Sooners in Red River Upset

*** This is an emergency bulletin from the Norman Oklahoma national weather service; There is a flash flood warning for the next 365 days as there will be tons of Sooner tears falling into the river after today’s stunning upset***

Stun OUIf you still haven’t heard the news today, then you must have been living under a rock… Because there was an Oklahoma breakdown today in historic Cotton Bowl stadium courtesy of the Texas Longhorns. It was a win for the ages for the Longhorns, who have not been playing good this season.

From the opening kickoff, you just had a sense the Longhorns were fired up and wanted to prove all the “naysayers” wrong. There have been a lot of questions and concerns from the 40 Acres after the TCU blowout. But while everyone across the country, even most Texas faithful, had Oklahoma picked to win, the team on the field believed they could beat the 10th ranked Sooners.

The defense was quick to set the tone by forcing Oklahoma to start the game with multiple three and outs. While the Offense was slow to get started, it was noticeable early, the Longhorns wanted to control the ball with a heavy dose of the running game. But something new today was another switch between Heard and Swoopes, which started because of an injury, but it seemed to work, so the Longhorns stayed with it in situations throughout the game.

The Longhorns kept the Sooners in check and were able to get out a 14-0 lead going late into the 2nd quarter. It would have been a first half shut-out, but the Sooners finally got on the board with a field goal to make the score 14-3. While the points gave Oklahoma some momentum, you felt if the Longhorns could answer anything Oklahoma threw, they could win this game.

Oklahoma came out in the 2nd half and tried to steal the momentum away from the Longhorns, but Texas kept finding an answer. It got as close as seven points, but Texas found a way to keep Oklahoma from catching them. A huge reason for that would be the 100 yard rushing days for Jerrod Heard and D’Onta Foreman. In fact it was a huge 81 yard run late in the 3rd quarter, with Texas only leading by seven which seemed to crush any hopes of a Oklahoma comeback. The run by Foreman was the second longest run without scoring a touchdown in Texas history. The following touchdown put Texas back up by 14 at 24-10.

Oklahoma was able to score another touchdown in the fourth quarter to make it 24-17, But the Defense kept holding Oklahoma from scoring again. Heard was able to kneel out the clock after a huge defensive stand and start the joyous celebration for the Longhorns. Part of the celebration included Head Coach Charlie Strong crowd-surfing among his players and then donning the Golden Hat during the trophy celebration. The victory was truly done on the ground out rushing the Sooners 313 to 67.

For the sixth time in the history of the Red River Shootout, an un ranked Texas teamStrong Hat knocked off a ranked Oklahoma. But this was the first time since 2013. It has the potential to be a huge confidence boost for the Longhorns going forward. And at this very moment, this is the biggest win in the Charlie Strong era. Where will this lead this young team? Nobody can tell yet, but at least for tonight and the next week, the Tower will be lit Burnt Orange and the 40 Acres will be a happy place.



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