Longhorns Basktball is saving Longhorn Nations Pride

While this past football season was dismal for the Longhorn faithful in Austin and around the country. Basketball season is causing some fans to have something to be happy about. The reason for this is because the Longhorns have knocked off two top 10, Big XII foes in back to back games. First was the huge victory over the Aggies, then on Saturday the Longhorns went into Phog Allen Field house and knocked off the number 2 ranked Jayhawks at home. It was the first time in 69 games that the Jayhawks have lost.

Yes, that is correct, the Longhorns went into Kansas and beat the Jayhawks at home. A house of horrors for the Longhorns was finally a happy place to be. It took 9 tries to finally win there, but this one is oh so sweet for the Longhorns basketball team. Texas is a state where basketball is only an after thought and everybody focuses on football for 12 months out of the year. But after this past football season, the basketball season and success of this team is a very welcome break. As long as this team can keep going and continue to win big games and stay relevant as the calender clicks closer to March, then there will be an exodus out of Austin to watch this team play.

Under Rick Barnes, the basketball program has gone to once thought, impossible heights. With the early success of this season there are a lot of fans in Texas who are thinking of a special post season run this season. While there is a whole lot of basketball to go, Barnes needs to make sure to keep this kids grounded if he wants to reap the success of this momentum being built right now. With two huge victories notched on the belt, at Michigan State and at Kansas, fans can finally start thinking of reaching for the stars. If the Longhorns can make it through the rest of conference play, and the conference tournament with no real hiccups, then this team is building a resume for a top 3 seed. So, Longhorn fans, keep your fingers crossed and get behind this team, it could be a special March, if things hold steady.