Texas-Texas A&M; A Lone Star Shootout missed

Lone Star ShootoutFor anyone who grew up in the state of Texas, there was always one game for even the most casual observer that they looked forward to every season. That would have been the Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M game which was dubbed the “Lone Star Shootout” and in a lot of years, there was always something big on the line, besides bragging rights. That could have been a conference title; national title hopes or even a shot at a bowl game. It never really mattered which team was favored, or which team looked to be the best, because both teams would pour their heart and soul into the game and in most cases it was always entertaining. But because the Aggies perceived the Longhorns to be “uppity” and greedy with the new Longhorn Network, they essentially “took their ball, and went home”.

Yes, Texas A&M has seemed to have the “upper hand” the last two years because they went into the big, bad SEC and were far more competitive than anyone on either side could have imagined. But you can sense for a lot of the players and even nearly the entire fan base on either side, there is just something missing when there aren’t annual bragging rights against their biggest rival. Both schools take shots at their rival in each of their respective fight songs. And it seems there are not any real talks to bringing back this once great rivalry.

As long as the Aggies and Longhorns don’t play each other, than the entire state is missing out on something great. While most people hope there will be a renewal to the rivalry, both sides are very tight lipped on the possibility. The game had bigger meaning than bragging rights and recruiting. A victory meant for the next whole year Longhorns, or Aggies could gently prod the other about the result of the latest game. Because even when the two teams have a heated rivalry, so many of the alumni and fan base lives and works alongside each other.

Hopefully the school’s athletic departments will eventually come to their senses and bring back the Texas-Texas A&M yearly battle. Because as long as these two teams don’t play, the entire state suffers.

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3 thoughts on “Texas-Texas A&M; A Lone Star Shootout missed

  1. So true Kody. Gonna miss that one. Hopefully they can get glad in the same pants they got mad in and will resume the game. Nice article.

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