Lamar Odom traded to the Mavs

Since the end of the NBA lockout there have been rumors, trades and free agent signings abounding everywhere. Some have been head scratchers and some have made a lot of sense. Saturday night, there was a head scratcher for the Mavs to say the least.

The Rumors started flying about an hour before the official news broke. Twitter was abuzz with activity while it was still a rumor. Then it became official, Lamar Odom was going to be a Maverick.

While most fans and media types were questioning the move, it has made more sense after taking time to think about it. Lamar Odom will replace the recently departed Tyson Chandler. Admittedly those are big shoes to fill. Only time will tell, but he is a player with “total attitude” and may be a good fit.

Chandler succumbed to the “big bucks” and joined the New York Knicks. Needless to say the move left a big hole in the Mavs back court. I know the Mavs are thinking bringing in Odom will help fill the hole. It is funny to think, last time we saw Odom, he was hacking J. J. Berea during a beat down at American Airlines Center. He will have to sit the first 5 games of this season for the stunt he pulled on his now Mav team mates.

Once he gets on the court and does something positive, I am sure the fans will forgive him. Right now the fans and the Mavs are only interested in a repeat performance of last year’s championship. If Odom can help the championship cause, he will be welcomed with open arms to Dallas.

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  1. Nice blog Kody. Don’t know much about him, but apparently the Mavs feel like they got a good deal. Hope so.

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