Labor strife is a new way of life in professional sports

 As things are sitting right now, we are facing a very good chance at having two of the big four sports in the midst of a lock out at the very same time. While the NBA hasn’t officially made that step, the NFL is in the midst of a lock out and while reports are positive, there are still some hurdles to clear before the lock out is ended. Until the NFL hit their lock out, the NHL was the last sport to go through a labor dispute, and we can see how much damage it did to the sport.

I am not saying that the NFL, or even the NBA will lose as much as the NHL did during it’s lock out, but there will be some negative fall out for both these sports. And I think we all remember how long it took Major League Baseball to regain some of the fans they lost in their last dispute. Bottom line here is that the sports who are in and facing a lock out will see some negative fall out.  Before the baseball dispute in the 90’s, Major League Baseball was America’s past time, but it has taken a lot of work over the last decade to regain some of the popularity it once had.

While the NHL lock out was unfortunate and it hurt the sport in the southern United States, it still has the vast popularity in Canada and northern US. But after they returned from a lock out, it has taken a lot of effort to bring back fans, and even though this past playoff run was fun to watch, they have a lot of work to do to get back to where they were.

I am not saying that the NFL will lose a lot of popularity but if anything holds true to form, there will be more empty seats in stadiums post lock out than there were before. You will have your hardcore fans return without any problems, but there will be those fans who feel that they shouldn’t be forced to suffer through a lock out just because the players and owners can’t split the money properly. It is frustrating that these issues keep cropping up in our sports that we enjoy, but it is part of the hassle.

Right now the NBA is headed for a lock out itself and while it seems to be at an all time high popularity wise, it would be smart if they could find a way to prevent the lock out all together. It would really be a bummer to see two of the big four sports in a lock out at the same time. and as much of a bummer as it is to think about, we are about a year away from another potential MLB lock out.

While as a fan it is no fun to have to hear, and deal with the loss of our favorite sports, it is just part of doing business when you are dealing with greedy billionaire owners and even greedier millionaire players. It would be nice if these guys would just shut up and play.

3 thoughts on “Labor strife is a new way of life in professional sports

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  2. Well stated my man. Money never sleeps and all of these guys seem to forget its the fans who fork it over to watch them play and buy their overpriced merchandise. But they know also…we will be back. Such is life.

    • I think it’s a tough pill to swallow for the average “Joe” who makes a normal salary to see players who make millions fighting for more. Why do we value athlets so much more than teachers who hold the future of our children in their hands? Good article.

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