Kyle. Where are your fans now?

This weekend at Texas Motor Speedway Kyle Busch showed his true colors. His childish and boorish behavior found a way to alienate NASCAR fans across the spectrum of the sport. He has been an interesting character of sorts in NASCAR since he got into the circuit. He borders on having a psycho mentality when his temper and out of control decision making takes control. While his older brother Kurt Busch was somewhat the same way when he was younger, he has toned his attitude down and has become liked (somewhat) by fans in the sport.

I have a hard time imagining Kyle Busch having any fans anyway. He is careless, reckless, shows no respect for other drivers or for the fans and officials of NASCAR. He acts like a spoiled brat. Talent he does have and has proven it on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, sportsmanship, driver etiquette, respect, a sense of fairness and compassion are not even in his vocabulary.

After a minor “racing incident” with Hornaday, Kyle Busch decided to intentionally wreck Ron Hornaday on Friday night after they lightly bumped each other. The incident brought on a caution light. While a wreck during a race isn’t something out of the ordinary, it was the despicable move of chasing down Hornaday (during caution) and ramming him until he lost control and crashed. Both trucks were completely destroyed. Kyle Busch did his dastardly deed and then tried to place the blame on Hornaday and deflect the blame from himself. His post incident interview was a joke. He was not even racing for points and knew Hornaday was in close contention for the Nationwide championship.

NASCAR made an unprecedented move by parking him for the rest of the weekend, but is this move enough? I would say it is far from it. Joe Gibbs, the car owner, needs to step up and do something to show the sport, his sponsors and all the fans this type of thug mentality will not be tolerated in NASCAR. Kyle should not be allowed back in the car for the rest of this season, as well as all of next season. If Joe Gibbs decides to keep him as his driver then he needs to make him miss some serious time on the track. If Joe Gibbs wants to do the right thing, he needs to fire Kyle Busch and replace him with another driver.

Kyle Busch is a superb driver, and he creates a lot of interest with his racing acumen. But he needs to learn to keep his attitude, emotions and temper in check and know when he needs to just let things go. It is obvious he is an “out of control, self centered boorish kid”, driving a 3400 LB missile at 190 MPH. This is one incident that could have severely injured or killed him as well as Ron Hornaday. If I am NASCAR, he will be suspended until 2013, just to make an example to all the drivers and fans this out of control behavior will not be acceptable or permitted. This is the one time where the most severe punishment will be the only punishment that will be deemed acceptable to the fans, the other drivers and NASCAR. This irresponsible act was committed with malicious and violent intent. Again, this took place while track caution was in place. If he is allowed to continue on the circuit he needs to be taught a serious lesson. He has been involved in skirmishes such as this on numerous previous occasions. If he can’t be taught a lesson, then he needs to learn that being a NASCAR driver is a privilege and not a right. NASCAR can surely get along without him.

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  1. Yes. Well stated Kody. This has been coming a long time. He is a great driver but a complete idiot with his out of control temper and emotions. He needs to grow up. He thinks he is bigger than the sport. Wrong!

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