Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25;Week 9

 Another interesting week of football is in the books, this week we saw a few undefeated teams go down and a couple more barely make it out with their undefeated record. This week we will have a matchup of the #1 and #2 team in the nation. Not to mention there are more quality matchups on the horizon. More fun this week and for the coming weeks, hold on to your seats, because it will be a bumpy ride.

  1. LSU[1]
  2. Alabama[2]
  3. Boise St.[3]
  4. Stanford[4]
  5. Oklahoma St.[5]
  6. Oregon[6]
  7. Nebraska[9]
  8. Virgina Tech[10]
  9. Arkansas[11]
  10. South Carolina[12]
  11. Houston[16]
  12. Michigan St.[7]
  13. Oklahoma[17]
  14. Penn St.[18]
  15. West Virginia[19]
  16. Clemson[8]
  17. Texas[20]
  18. Auburn[21]
  19. Cincinnati[24]
  20. Texas A&M[13]
  21. Southern Miss[NR]
  22. Wisconsin[14]
  23. Kansas State[15]
  24. Michigan[NR]
  25. Georgia Tech[NR]



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3 thoughts on “Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25;Week 9

  1. How are they ever going to pick the second team? You have to assume Al or LSU will go undefeated. Gonna be a lot of screaming if Boise St or Stanford go undefeated also. Be fun to see how this will all come out.

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  3. Cannot wait for the match up of AlABAMA AND LSU. This will be the weekend to remember. Hope it will not be a bumpy ride for LSU. Always enjoy your blogs Keep it up

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