Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 12

This weekend turned out to be a trap weekend for a lot of teams. While it was exciting for the fans, and great theatre. It turned out to wreak havoc on the polls and most of all the BCS systems. I have taken a little extra time to debate the poll this week. Now that I have taken the appropriate time, I feel that I can release my true rankings. We are getting near the end of the regular season and a lot can still happen.


  1. LSU[1]
  2. Virginia Tech[4]
  3. Arkansas[5]
  4. Houston[6]
  5. Michigan St.[7]
  6. Alabama[8]
  7. Stanford[9]
  8. Boise St.[12]
  9. South Carolina[15]
  10. Wisconsin[16]
  11. Penn St.[17]
  12. West Virginia[18]
  13. Oklahoma St.[2]
  14. Oregon[3]
  15. Georgia[19]
  16. Notre Dame[20]
  17. Baylor[22]
  18. Clemson[10]
  19. Auburn[23]
  20. Oklahoma[11]
  21. TCU[24]
  22. Nebraska[13]
  23. Michigan[NR]
  24. Southern Miss[14]
  25. Kansas State[NR]




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2 thoughts on “Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 12

  1. Love it. V. Tech is a dark horse no one has mentioned. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out. If LSU wins out that’s a no brainer. BCS has their hands full with the second team. Glad to see you move Houston up…they deserve to be there and I hope they get a BCS bid if they stay unbeaten. They deserve it. Heard you got press credentials for SMU and Rice. Way to go man. Have fun…that is a neat treat for you!

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