Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 11

What a crazy weekend as we had two top 5 teams tumble. But we saw Oklahoma State jump into the 2nd spot and it looks like they will be holding their own destiny in their hands if they can win out. Houston is just sitting outside the top 5 as a potential BCS buster, can the cougars do it? We only have a couple more weeks to know. How is your favorite team ranked this week?

  1. LSU[1]
  2. Oklahoma St.[4]
  3. Oregon[5]
  4. Virginia Tech[6]
  5. Arkansas[7]
  6. Houston[9]
  7. Michigan St.[9]
  8. Alabama[10]
  9. Stanford[3]
  10. Clemson[13]
  11. Oklahoma[11]
  12. Boise St.[2]
  13. Nebraska[15]
  14. Southern Miss[18]
  15. South Carolina[19]
  16. Wisconsin[20]
  17. Penn St.[12]
  18. West Virginia[21]
  19. Georgia[23]
  20. Notre Dame[24]
  21. Cincinnati[17]
  22. Baylor[25]
  23. Auburn[16]
  24. TCU[NR]
  25. Texas[14]


Georgia Tech[25]

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One thought on “Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 11

  1. Gonna make a mess if Ok St gets beat by Okla. You know the BCS had to be delighted to see TCU beat Boise St, got rid of one problem anyway. Probably will end up with a rematch of Bama and LSU if they stay unbeaten from here on out. Poor old Houston.

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