Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 10

Another solid week of football is in the books, we had some great games happen this week and those games helped shaped some of the movement within the polls this week. Will we see more than two undefeated teams? Can any undefeated team survive the rest of the season? These are the burning questions heading into the last few weeks of the season. There will be more movement, but who will survive to be a national championship contender?


  1. LSU[1]
  2. Boise St.[3]
  3. Stanford[4]
  4. Oklahoma St.[5]
  5. Oregon[6]
  6. Virginia Tech[8]
  7. Arkansas[9]
  8. Houston[11]
  9. Michigan St.[12]
  10. Alabama[2]
  11. Oklahoma[13}
  12. Penn St.[14}
  13. Clemson[16]
  14. Texas[17]
  15. Nebraska[7]
  16. Auburn[18]
  17. Cincinnati[19]
  18. Southern Miss[21]
  19. South Carolina[10]
  20. Wisconsin[22]
  21. West Virginia[15]
  22. Georgia Tech[25]
  23. Georgia[NR]
  24. Notre Dame[NR]
  25. Baylor[NR]


23. Kansas St.

24. Michigan

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2 thoughts on “Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 10

  1. The noose is getting tighter each week. Pressure on all. What a great season. The BCS has the potential of facing major and controversial decisions if all doesn’t fit into their computer properly. Will be fun to see how it all comes out.

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