Kody’s Sports Korner Top 25; Week 1

It is college football season again and it is time to start watching the polls and see who deserves a top 25 bid and who doesn’t. But I have decided to take my own thoughts and opinions about the top 25 and add my twist to the poll. Simply put, this is the way I feel the polls should be run; one of the biggest things that irk me is the fact that the defending champion gets booted from the top spot because someone else had a better recruiting class. That’s not right; I leave the defending national champion in the top spot until they suffer the first loss. Some people will question this, but if you have the trophy, then you are #1 until someone beats you. So before you blast me for this, please understand that fact. Without any hesitation, here is the first Kody’s Sports Korner top 25 of 2011.


  1. Auburn(Defending Champion)
  2. Oklahoma
  3. LSU
  4. Alabama
  5. Boise St.
  6. Florida St.
  7. TexasA&M
  8. Stanford
  9. Oklahoma St.
  10. Wisconsin
  11. Nebraska
  12. Virginia Tech
  13. South Carolina
  14. Arkansas
  15. Mississippi St.
  16. Oregon
  17. Ohio St.
  18. Florida
  19. West Virginia
  20. Michigan St.
  21. Baylor
  22. South Florida
  23. Missouri
  24. TCU
  25. Penn St

While there are some polls out there that have had Texas in the top 25 and some other teams, I decided to leave them off after a 5-7 campaign, they need to earn their way back into the top 25 with wins over better teams than Rice. The rest of the top 25 is kind of my opinion based on games I actually saw and recaps I may have read on the ones I didn’t see. This will end up changing on a week to week basis. Here’s to hoping for a great season ahead.

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