Kody’s Sports Korner Heisman List; Week 9

It is finally the time of year where I can start talking about Heisman candidates. I know people have been debating this topic since the first week of the season, but I wanted to see a hand full of games before I came out with my first list. After 8 weeks I feel like I have a grip on who’s good and who was only a pretender this season. Here is the first Kody’s Sports Korner Heisman list for 2011.


  1. Andrew Luck– The Heisman trophy is supposed to go to the all around best player in the entire country. Andrew Luck was anointed the Heisman winner by most experts and pundits before the first snap of the season. While he has been a great QB and put up some good numbers so far this season, I would debate the fact he is the best all around player so far this year. Luck has some impressive numbers and that is why I put him as the number one, but this isn’t a popularity contest and if he has a bad game, he will fall.


  2. Case Keenum– Case has become the dark horse candidate for most people because he has put up unbelievable numbers and picked up where he left off before his season ending injury last year. The only knock on Case at this point is the fact he plays in Conference USA. In some people’s opinion it is weaker competition. This is a flawed argument, and if he is putting up the best numbers and winning who is scheduled, then he should have a fair shot at the Heisman.


  3. Kellen Moore– Another candidate who doesn’t get the proper attention is the QB from Boise State and just like his “Small School” counterpart from Houston, his biggest knock is the quality of competition he faces on a weekly basis. The one difference is, Kellen gets at least one possibly two games on a national scale every year, so America and voters are familiar with him. Moore has some solid numbers this season and probably deserves more attention than he is getting.


  4. Russell Wilson– The guy who transferred from NC State to Wisconsin is finally getting a chance to really showcase his talent, but after Wisconsin suffering back to back heart breaking losses, he has lost some ground when he looked to be a top 3 guy at the beginning of the season. This doesn’t mean he won’t climb back up the chart before the end of the season.


  5. Trent Richardson– Coming off of the bye week, he will be at the bottom of the top 5. It could all depend on how he does against LSU. If he carries the game he could easily climb really fast. He is a dangerous back, but it will be interesting to see how he is handled by the LSU defense this week as well as the remaining SEC defenses.



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5 thoughts on “Kody’s Sports Korner Heisman List; Week 9

  1. Liked your picks Kody. It is a toss up. Be curious how it all plays out. There is no clear cut front runner…lots of room for argument.

  2. This is great and glad you have Wilson in the run. Great article as always and you do have a good grip on your picks.

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  4. What!? No one from the Big 12? Just giving you a bad time, although Brandon Weeden is going to be upset when he sees this. Keep up the good work.

    • Brandon Weeden is probably my #6 pick right now. and depending how his weekend and others go, he could be in the top 5 starting next week. Trust me, I didn’t forget about him, I see him on TV every weekend.

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