Kody’s Sports Korner Heisman List; Week 10

This weekend went pretty much as expected; every candidate in the top 5 did what they were supposed to do. While there were some impressive performances from players who were outside the top 5, I chose to just adjust this week’s list within the top 5 itself. It is pretty much Andrew Luck’s to lose at this point; he is showing every week why he is the most sought after player in College Football. But Case Keenum broke another record and is hot on his heels; Case can over take Andrew if there is one hiccup before the end of the season. Obviously my list doesn’t hold any weight on a big picture scale, but this would be how I would vote if I had a say.

  1. Andrew Luck
  2. Case Keenum
  3. Trent Richardson
  4. Russell Wilson
  5. Kellen Moore
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