Kody’s Sports Korner Bowl Preview;The BCS Bowls

Now that we have previewed all of the other bowl games in part 1,2 and 3. It is time to get down to the games that really matter, the ones most everyone will want to watch. The BCS bowl games are usually pretty entertaining and have the best match ups of the bowl season. The only game that is really a joke is the So called national championship.

Rose Bowl:
Wisconsin vs TCU
The “Grandaddy of them all” should be the most exciting of all the BCS bowl games. TCU has been one of the more exciting teams in the country this year and probably deserved to have their shot at the title. But they did get left out because of their supposed “lack” of quality schedule. Meanwhile they get to face a very tough Wisconsin team from the Big Ten conference who has made it a point to wear down opponents with a power running game and hang points in the second half. TCU has one of the best defenses in the nation, and they have a constant rotation of fresh bodies, so Wisconsin may have to find other ways to wear down the Frogs defense. On the other side of the ball, TCU has a high powered offense and can hang points with the best of them. This could be a track meet, or it could be a game won in the trenches. Either way this will be a must see game and could be a game won in the final seconds.
Prediction: TCU 35 – Wisconsin 28

Fiesta Bowl:
UConn vs Oklahoma

In one of the more boring match ups of the BCS bowls, you have the Oklahoma Sooners taking on the Connecticut Huskies. While Oklahoma had a great year and earned their way into this game by bringing up an 11-2 record. The Huskies are kind of the head scratcher here, how did they get into the BCS? Oh Yeah! they won a mediocre Big East. But they had to win it with a 53  yard field goal against a South Florida squad. So, while this game has all the makings of a route, it can be noted that Oklahoma hasn’t won a BCS game since their last national championship in 2000. I know, your thinking, this is the year they break this streak, well every one said the same thing about Boise State. Look what happened there, but do I really think Uconn has a chance to beat a high powered Oklahoma team? …hold on, I am thinking about this one…No, I don’t see it, even with all my sooner hatred. I think the big question here is how many will Oklahoma put up. Did I also mention this will be a half empty stadium? According to reports, UConn can’t sell it’s allotment and Oklahoma fans are ho-hum about this match up.
Prediction: Oklahoma 52 – Uconn 14

Orange Bowl:
Stanford vs Virginia Tech

Going off of records, this should be a great match up of two very tough schools, then you throw in the fact that one team in this game is Stanford, and realize they they will not travel very well for this first BCS game in school history. The other school, Virginia Tech will travel well and will make this an almost home game for them in Miami. I think Stanford will put up a great fight and throw some stuff at the Hokies that will be interesting. But in the end, Beamer ball will win out.
Prediction: Virginia Tech 24 – Stanford 17

Sugar Bowl:
Ohio St vs Arkansas

Once again we get to watch Ohio State face a team from the SEC, and we will probably watch the same old song and dance there too. While Ohio State is probably the better team against Arkansas,  I also feel like Ohio State folds up like a lawn chair when it comes to facing opponents from the SEC. This has the makings for a good game with two quality quarterbacks, but Arkansas is such a wild card and could prove to be a tougher opponent than everyone wants to give them credit for. That is why I think the Hogs win this one by two touchdowns.
Prediction: Arkansas 28 – Ohio State 14

BCS National Championship:
Oregon vs Auburn

This is the match up that everyone has wanted to see since about week eight. These two teams have proven to be the two best teams in the nation. Auburn against Oregon has the makings to push the limits of the modern day score board. Because both of these teams can put up points with ease. But at the same time, they do have quality defenses. It is really difficult to pick one player, or one part of either team to focus on. This game should be exciting from the get go. But I think everyone knows what this game could become, what will probably happen is a good old fashion defensive struggle and you will have a low scoring game. While most fans will call this boring, or would prefer a fast paced score fest, I would rather see the low scoring defensive battle. If it comes down to that, then I have to give the nod to Auburn.

But on the other hand, if you have a track meet, then the advantage slightly goes to Oregon because of their fast paced offense. But that could also benefit Cam Newton who is a single handed wild card in this game. If he is able to make plays, then Auburn is the better team by far. If he is contained, then you will have to say Oregon will end up being the better team. This is a very tough game to call, I really want to say that Auburn will win. But I can’t say it 100% because of how good Oregon has looked all season. Either way this will be a fun game to watch and could end up being the game of the year if it lives up to the hype.
Prediction: Auburn 42 – Oregon 38

There it is, every bowl game has been previewed and I have picked a score. It is sad to see football season coming to an end, it is time to go ahead and enjoy these bowl games and relish in what this season has given us. Enjoy the games, because once they are over, it is the end until next September.

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  2. Good article Kody and well thought out. These are all tough calls – except for the OU game. I like it that you lay it on the line. No one is losing any money if they don’t bet, but sure is a lot of fun to try and pick a winner. Your picks sound solid to me…but remember this is college football and who knows what is going to happen? I’ve enjoyed your blog throughout the season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Keep up the good work.

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