Kings stay put, for now

The Maloof brothers announced today that they will do something that is almost unheard of in sports. They are going to keep the Sacramento Kings in town and give the Mayor and city council one more chance to get the plan for a new arena secured. I have to applaud the Maloof brothers for this move, because now a days an owner only cares about the bottom line.

Anaheim gave the Kings every oppertunity to pack up and move south this off season, but since Sacramento has the history of being a great NBA city, the team will play one more season in the old arena and hopefully for the city and the teams sake, it will have a plan for a new arena.

In today’s dollar first mentality, owners will move a team without giving any fan base a second thought. Hopefully this unprecedented move by the Maloof Brothers will change the tide for owners across all of sports. But the city now has to step up and give the Kings what they deserve, and if that doesn’t happen, then we will be seeing the Kings move south to Anaheim next season.

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