Should the Cowboys keep Demarcus Ware?

Demarcus WareThere has been a lot of speculation this off season about what the Dallas Cowboys are going to do with defensive end Demarcus Ware. He is currently coming off a season where he spent some time with injuries and is valued to be around a $16 million salary cap hit this season. While he was signed to a deserving contract when he got it, it has shown the fact Jerry Jones tries to keep players by paying them when they are near the end of their use to the Cowboys.

While Ware may still have a lot left in the tank and could be a good player, everybody has seen that time is taking its toll on him because he is getting up in age and will probably have more years like this year, than years where he leads the league in many statistical categories. It has been said the Cowboys plan to get with Demarcus Ware and see if he will be willing to restructure his deal where he will be a smaller salary cap hit this year and going forward for the remainder of his deal.

But some who are close to Ware are saying, he won’t accept anything smaller and will force the Cowboys hand into keeping him and paying him, or outright releasing him. But the problem with trying to force the hand of the Cowboys, is they can hold on to him until the last minute and release him when the “money has dried up”. Cowboys have until July 1st to make a decision on him, and most teams who will be looking to add a defensive end, will probably want to make a move either before the draft, or just after the draft. This could force Ware’s hand into taking a deal with less money.

But at this point, and looking where the Cowboys are, If Ware doesn’t want to be a team player and help the Cowboys salary cap figure, then the Cowboys should probably just outright release him. Because the thought is, if he won’t work for what is better for the team, then who’s to say he won’t get his feelings hurt and not play his best when it matters most? I doubt Ware would do that, but with professional athletes, you never really know.

I don’t think there is anyone in Dallas, who wants to see Ware go, but at the same time, you need to know “when to hold em and when to fold em”.

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  1. He has been a good one, but last year was weak. May be time to send him down the road. He will be hard to replace, but you have to build for the future.

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