Can Kansas State stay undefeated?

The Kansas State Wildcats have proven to be one of the best teams in the Big XII conference but in that span, they have shown to be one of the best teams in the nation after Alabama’s upset, rising to a #1 ranking. This has caused all of the national “experts” to jump out and declare that K-State won’t be able to stay in the National title hunt because… (Insert absurd reason here).

Everybody wants to scream and holler about who is, or isn’t the best team in country and why they think their choice is the best. Kansas State has done what has been asked of them all season, beat the opponents scheduled ahead of them, and do it with an exciting quarterback in Collin Klein. With two games left on the schedule, it looks like finishing up undefeated is a strong possibility.

With games remaining against Baylor and Texas, the final hurdles won’t be easy because both teams could prove to be tougher than they look on paper. Any overlooking by the Wildcats could end up costing them big, in terms of a BCS bowl and or possibly a chance to play for the National Championship. But once again, some “talking heads” on ESPN will tell you that the wildcats will get passed by an undefeated Oregon and possibly an undefeated Notre Dame.

The only think K-State can control is if they win or lose the next two games, and they do hold their destiny in their hands. This is a very experienced team, with a great leader in Klein and a veteran coach who has been around the block many times over. If the Wildcats take care of business, they could be sitting pretty in the BCS standings.

Kansas State is still an underdog team to make it to the National Championship in everyone’s eyes, but they would be a great story if they make it.


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One thought on “Can Kansas State stay undefeated?

  1. If K State goes undefeated they should be in the national game. They have played a tough schedule and done all that is asked of them. Good article Kody. Keep up the good work.

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