June Jones Resigns; Who should be next?


In a surprising move today from Head Coach June Jones announced he was stepping down due to personal reasons from the SMU coaching job. While there has been some speculation he would probably not make it past the season, most everyone figured he would at least finish out the season before stepping down.

While under June Jones, the SMU football program saw a bit of a resurgence and some success with four bowl appearances in six years. It is safe to say SMU now has a desirable job for many up and coming assistants in college football, but who would want to coach a school who has tough admission standards?

While most fans around the program don’t want to hear this, SMU could become a nice job where if you win, you could move into a major big time job. But if you can find someone who ends up being happy here and is successful, then you may wind up with a long time coach.

Needless to say, SMU has come a long way since the post death penalty days. With the right coach and the right amount of excitement, this team could become a big time draw in Dallas. The next head coach needs to be someone who will not only excite the fan base, But excite the fringe fans who would like to have a team to root for on Saturdays

Obviously there will be more to this story in the coming weeks and months, who would you like to see be the next head coach?

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2 thoughts on “June Jones Resigns; Who should be next?

  1. I would like to see Jerry Jones resign at the Cowboys and maybe SMU can and then make Jason Garrett head coach at SMU. That would be good all around.

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