Josh Hamilton; Public Enemy #1

J HamiltonMove over Terrell Owens, you now have been bumped to number two on Dallas’ most hated sports figure list. Josh Hamilton came out and called Dallas “A football town” (duh?) and called most of the Rangers fans “Bandwagon fans” (once again, duh?).  But one thing Josh forgot to mention and even acknowledge publicly, it is a fiercely loyal fan base that will support their teams players no matter what (Hey Josh, remember the girl in the stall at Sherlock’s?).

Do I sound bitter? Do I come off as being a bit of a “homer”? If so, then stop reading now because I am about to go off.

Josh Hamilton showed up here wanting a second chance to revive his baseball career and have a chance to do what he loves. But he not only came in humble, he showed up carrying a message of being a “new man” and a “Christian” with a new lease on life. This message was accepted whole heartedly in the “Bible Belt” region of the country and he instantly became a fan favorite. Fans flocked to buy his new biography and his number became one of the most seen on shirts and jerseys at the Ballpark.

Then there was the breaking news of a relapse at a bar in Arizona during spring training. Of course Josh Hamilton came out and apologized, quoted some scripture and promised to be a better man, player and role model (and the fans swoon). During his time with the Rangers, Hamilton would prove to be a pivotal part of the team and a key piece in back to back World Series runs. Fans loved the ginger ale celebration with Josh.

But then there was another story of another relapse, and stories of how he lied to teammates to keep it from becoming public. As with the previous relapse, the fans and his teammates forgave him. It even looked like he was going to have a stellar season and help the Rangers make another deep playoff run. But then the problems started, he quit dipping, and having blurred vision due to allergy meds and the list kept growing with excuse after excuse.

Fans were getting tired of the excuses for his slumps, but continued to support him, until his comments started coming out that “he didn’t owe Texas anything” and he would “Give Texas the opportunity to match an offer”. Both of which turned out hugely false. He claims that part of the reason he left is because he got booed during his final games as a Ranger at the ballpark. Hey Josh! Newsflash! We booed you because you quit on the team.

Thanks to his quitting, making numerous lame excuses, and handleing the whole ordeal with the class of a Harry Hines hooker, he is now public enemy number one in Dallas. It will take everything the security crew has to keep fans from showering the field with debris when he returns to the Ballpark in an Angel’s jersey.  I never root for players to get injured, but it would make me very happy to see Josh struggle and see the Angles live in the basement of the west.

3 thoughts on “Josh Hamilton; Public Enemy #1

  1. Extremely well said my man. You covered all of “my” emotions. Keep up the good work. What a fun read.

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  3. Ive always thought baseball players were some of the more emotional fragile athletes. And he tops the list. World of talent and ZERO self-control, work ethic or mental toughness. Dude falls apart easier than a game of Jenga on horseback.

    But dont worry. Lets face it, he is a recovering Meth addict in LA. Its only a matter of time….

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