Josh Hamilton; Making history and naming his price

Just in case you haven’t heard, or noticed… Josh Hamilton is in the middle of a contract year and showing fans everywhere what he showed his first season with the Rangers.  He has erupted out to a torrid pace for home runs this season, while that will ultimately cool down some, it is exciting to see him on such a tear.

But he is doing more than just hitting the long ball. On nights when his power isn’t all there, he is able to find a spot and get a much needed hit, or drive in a vital RBI. There are some people who think that this may be Josh Hamilton’s best season ever. While it is still very early in year, if he can just stay consistent and keep some of this pace, it will be a career year for Josh.

This sets up perfectly for him if he is able to stay healthy and stay consistent. Because he is going to be able to name his price on the open market, while most Rangers fans cringe at that thought, it is still a possibility. Hopefully the team will make a fair offer to Hamilton and he will be content to stay put. But Josh has said that he won’t give the team a discount, but he would be happy to stay if a “Fair” offer is made.

There lies the problem, a “fair” offer to the club could be a totally different number to Josh himself. There will be teams on the market ready to “money whip” Hamilton and make it hard for the Rangers to keep him. So, while we are all in “awe” of his performance these past few weeks, let’s remember that if he keeps this up, it could potentially drive the rangers out of the market.

Everybody wants to see the Rangers keep him, but they Rangers don’t need to risk their future by signing him, and not having the ability to sign another player that could be vital down the road. It is still early and a lot can change, but right now everyone has to have the fear in the back of their minds that Josh will be able to name his price, and that price may be too rich for the Rangers.

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3 thoughts on “Josh Hamilton; Making history and naming his price

  1. Well stated Kody. Should have signed him last year when they had the chance. I agree…some team will offer him the moon. The Rangers stumpped their toe on this one.

  2. Will Hamilton warrant Pujols type-money and will Pujols’ slow start make teams more gunshy when it comes to signing sluggers to big money/long term deals?

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