Josh Hamilton Bat toss

If you have spent any real time watching the Texas Rangers play over the last couple weeks, then you have noticed a scary and yet, sometimes comical trend. It is the frequency that Josh Hamilton has been “tossing” his bats into the stands. This has become a comical and very dangerous situation for both Hamilton and the club.

Fans are becoming part of the joke with “throw it here” signs and having a good laugh at it. While it is always worth a laugh when a fan gets a cool souvenir such as an authentic bat, but there has to be some safety concern. This is a solid piece of wood hurdling through the air at a high rate of speed towards fans that may not be able to move out of the way in time.

Whether or not it is a grip problem, pine tar or just the pure force of the swing, Josh Hamilton needs to figure out a solution to this problem before someone gets seriously injured. While everyone will joke and say he is now doing it on purpose, but the last thing he would do is try to hurt a fan. Hopefully Josh can find something that will help him keep a hold of his bat and end this bat toss insanity.

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5 thoughts on “Josh Hamilton Bat toss

  1. Good article Kody. Good thoughts. It would scare anyone to see a bat flying through the air right at you.

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