Johnny Manziel; Not ready for the NFL


Johnny Manziel was a good player in college, and was hyped to be a franchise player in the NFL. But we saw this past off season, he is still immature and doesn’t have the poise to do what it takes to succeed in the NFL. He is more interested in the celebrity than he is being a good quarterback.

Then came his biggest blunder in the pre-season where he decided to let some trash talk get under his skin. He then decided to give a “one finger salute” to the other teams sideline. While it was funny to see it on TV, it is not going to do anything to help is reputation of being an immature fame hound. After that instance he was named back up which then coined the name “Johnny Clipboard”.

We have seen this story happen over and over in football, where we have a player who is just other worldly in College and dominates to a point where he is anointed a future NFL hall of famer before his first snap. Then they get in the league and wind up being a bust, Tim Tebow anyone? Now we have Manziel being the next over hyped poster boy.

Can Manziel have a good career and prove all the nay sayers wrong? Sure…but his style of play generally doesn’t fit well in the NFL. Very few quarterbacks are able to survive on their running ability because the defense is as fast, sometimes faster than they are. At this point with everything I have seen, I would be willing to bet he won’t be in the NFL in 5 years. Or if he is still in the NFL, he will still be a back up and only be famous for what he is doing on instagram or out on the town.

If Manziel can mature and wind up settling down to a point where he is more football focused than celebrity focused, then he may wind up having a good career. I don’t think he will be anything more than an average player who will help the browns win a few more games. But he won’t be the next superstar on the field.

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One thought on “Johnny Manziel; Not ready for the NFL

  1. I love it. Happens all the time. Good piece. I love “Johnny Clipboard”. Maybe he’ll grow up one of these days.

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