Johnny Football to Johnny Heisman?

There has been one name to be on the tip of every college football fans tongue is the name of freshman sensation Johnny Manzi    el from Texas A&M. He has taken the College football scene by storm with his exciting play, and now he has garnered more attention after leading the Aggies to an upset in Tuscaloosa.

While it is very unlikely and unheard of, there is a lot of talk about Manziel being a Heisman candidate and even possibly a front runner. If he is able to continue as strong as he has started then it will be tough to keep him out of New York at the end of the season. But it isn’t just “Johnny Football” alone, the entire country is eager to watch the Aggies take the SEC by storm.

Obviously the “Johnny Football” craze is what is leading the charge since he is the one who is front and center in the Aggies climb to relevance. There are a lot of coaches around Texas and surrounding areas who are putting their heads in their hands, wondering why they didn’t recruit him harder, or agree to bring him in as a quarterback.

Johnny Manziel is only in his freshman year and has taken the college football world by storm. He will obviously improve the next two years and be even better than he is now. Which is a very scary thought for teams in the SEC, and on the Aggies schedule the next two or three years.  Can Johnny Manziel win the Heisman this season? It is a possibility, but very unlikely. It is safe to say he will be called “Johnny Heisman” before he leaves College Station.


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3 thoughts on “Johnny Football to Johnny Heisman?

  1. I have never cheered for A&M in my life. Never thought I could utter the words…but I am a “Johnny Football” fan and also a fan of coach Sumlin. Sumlin and Johnny Football would have looked great in burnt orange. Makes you wonder what they are thinking on the 40 acres. How could anybody have missed this kid and that coach? Hats off to A&M.

    • Such is the game of College Football. When it should be a whole season, it is always one standout game, or even a moment in a game that helps win the Heisman.

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