Jim Riggleman leaves Nationals over Contract Dispute

Yesterday Jim Riggleman made a very surprising and shocking move when he resigned from the Washington Nationals because the franchise wouldn’t pick up his option for 2012. While I can understand the guy wanting to have some job security going into next season, we haven’t even hit the official half way point of the year yet. The Nationals are one of the more surprising teams of this young baseball season and could have a good season if the momentum holds to form. But Jim Riggleman couldn’t be happy to let the season play out and earn his option.

While I can see both sides of this argument, I would think that if a player decided to quit during the season over a dispute with his contract, that player would get killed in the media. Yes, Jim Riggleman has some skins on the wall, and he was a manager, not a player. But you should still call the guy over a totally selfish move like this.¬† Managers are supposed to do what it takes to bring the team together, but he showed how selfish he is and that he didn’t care about the team or even the franchise in general.

Jim Riggleman deserves to be black listed in baseball and not get another managerial position ever again. This is one time where the team and franchise should come before your selfish intentions. I hope your happy Jim, because you should never be in baseball ever again.

3 thoughts on “Jim Riggleman leaves Nationals over Contract Dispute

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  2. Not that familiar with the Nationals…but his move is surprising. He is supposed to be setting the example. Sounds like there is more to the story, or he is one selfish dude. I guess the truth will surface at some point.

    • Your articles are great. I look forward to each one. Keep it up. very proud of you

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