Jay Cutler; is he a quitter or injured?

Yesterday, as the NFC Championship game started the 2nd half, it came to light that Bears starting quarterback was injured at some point during the first half. While nobody watching the game could pin point an exact moment when he was injured, it was said that he was out with a knee injury and wouldn’t return.  This normally wouldn’t be a big issue, except for the fact that he was seen pacing the sidelines and riding a bike.

The television coverage didn’t help the situation by showing what seemed to be a despondent Cutler in numerous shots throughout the game. While all this was playing out on TV, the flow of critics on twitter just were rattling off every insult you can think of, he was called everything from a quitter to a certain 5 letter word that starts with a p. It was not until this morning that it was released that he had a tear in his MCL. Which was later reported by head coach Lovie Smith as a sprain. So, this has led me to wonder if all of this criticism is warranted or if it is just another abuse of many of the social networking sites that we now have access too.

Personally I can’t say anything bad about the guy, because I would not be able to play with anything sprained or torn. But numerous former and current NFL players were berating Cutler endlessly. Even future hall of famer Deion Sanders called Cutler’s heart into question. Which I find it comical since Deion wouldn’t tackle anybody head on, he would just dive and wave at them if he couldn’t intercept or strip the ball.

In the end, I don’t think it was Cutler’s decision to be put on the bench. Being told you can’t play anymore in a game that means everything would make anyone sulky. Hopefully everyone will back off this guy, because not everyone has the same pain tolerance. If he had gone back out and played, it could have made the injury far worse, or taken the Bears out of the game all together.  I take all the people on twitter calling him a quitter as millionaire’s who are jealous they are sitting at home on the couch and not playing for a conference championship.

3 thoughts on “Jay Cutler; is he a quitter or injured?

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  3. I had the same thoughts as I saw all the camera shots too. Glad to hear there was something wrong. His team rallied around him and proves they think a lot of him…no matter what everyone else was saying. Bet he’ll be back and hopefully won’t have to have surgery. Got a good look at the kid from Forney. He looked pretty good. Who knows? Maybe a future starter for the bears. Nice article Kody.

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