Jason Garrett not going anywhere

Jason GarrettJerry Jones came out during his time at the Combine and told a local beat reporter “He doesn’t see Jason Garrett going anywhere after this season”. Which should not be surprising to most fans because Garrett is the one hand picked coach Jerry wanted when he fired Wade Phillips. I think it is pretty common knowledge, Jerry wanted to hire Jason then, but went with a more experienced coach, so he didn’t get blasted by the fans and media for hiring a rookie head coach.

At least in Jerry’s mind, a few seasons under Wade gave Jason just what he needed to take over when the time was right. And in the early going it looked brilliant, but after three consecutive 8-8 seasons, fans are starting to sour on the Jason Garrett era. The 29-27 career record at Dallas doesn’t help either, because the fans are expecting a winning team sooner rather than later.

Can Jason put together a winning team? Is he a good coach? Or is all this just another ploy for Jerry to run this team from top to bottom like he wants? Jason Garrett seems like he is a very competent head coach and could probably win if given the best opportunity to succeed, sadly to say, it is probably not in Dallas. The stakes are just too high and the spotlight shines a little bit brighter here than anywhere else.

We know from other interviews, Jerry has regretted how he handled some past coaching decisions, mostly the Dave Campo fiasco. It is a safe bet he will over compensate for the guilt there and give Jason more time than he really needs. Then again, Jason may right this ship with some time and have the Cowboys back on the winning ways. As the old saying goes “Only time will tell”.

Either way, we know Jason Garrett will be the head coach in Dallas beyond the 2015 season and a coach is only as good as the players he has to coach. So maybe Jason can stand up to Jerry, get the players he needs and right this ship. Then again maybe not and we will see the Cowboys stay mired in mediocrity for another five years. Only time will tell.

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  1. Nice article Kody. Who knows what Jason can do as long as Jerry is standing on his neck. As you said…only time will tell. The Cowboys have got to get some real football guys to evaluate talent before they ever get back to where they were. After 25 years you would think Jerry could figure it out. He is not a “football guy”, he is a wannabe.

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