Jamie Moyer; the Ageless wonder


On Tuesday night, Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher to win a game in the Major Leagues. As anyone who has followed Major League Baseball for any time period, then they will surely know of Jamie Moyer and his long tenure in baseball.

Moyer is 49 years old and is in a comeback season from elbow surgery that most thought would end his already lengthy career. Take into account that he missed all of the 2011 season rehabbing this injury and was able to make a comeback this season in his late 40’s. Yes the season is still very early, and he has only made a hand full of starts, but for a 49yr old in a young man’s game, this is an amazing feat.

Many professional athletes have given up the hope of continuing to play their sport of choice past the age of 35, some last till their late 30’s but very few will push near 50 and keep playing. Jamie Moyer has found the secret, or a fountain of youth that lets him continue to play year after year. As he will compete the rest of this season and look towards the next, there will be a team that will take a flyer on him.

The team that takes that risk will be rewarded with a pitcher who finds ways to win, even in unorthodox times. Moyer may not have the greatest stat lines, or be the flashiest player. But at the end of the day he has lasted longer as a player than anyone else. Jamie Moyer is the last of a dying breed of professional athlete; let’s enjoy his journey because he won’t be around much longer.

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11 thoughts on “Jamie Moyer; the Ageless wonder

  1. Great article Kody. I was aware of him, but did not know he was nearly 50. My word, what a great accomplishment.

    • the Phillies will not tread water to see if they get DeRosa from the Cubs. A friend of Ibanez told Stark the Phils are his first chcoie, so there seems to be mutual interest. The problem: the Cubs want Ibanez too and may not be willing to move DeRosa until they get their outfielder.*Signing Ibanez would be a mistake. He can’t field for crap and is slow just like Burrell. He has less power than Burrell and bats lefthanded…not what we need.

  2. I’ve been covering the Moyer story for two years, even before the comeback from the Tommy John surgery at age 49. Even before that, this was an incredible story, and has only gotten better.

    • I’m of the school that says the Rox hired a pleayr-coach in Moyer. I think that’s a big reason they keep signing the Giambinator. With all the young guys around this year, the presence of guys like Helton, Giambi, and now Cuddyer and Scutaro should help keep the guys focused, particularly if we get off to a rough start, which certainly seems likely. With Moyer and Bettancourt, the pitchers also have a couple of solid veterans to help supervise and moderate the ups and downs of 162-game season. I don’t see much downside to this, and if he doesn’t make the team then there’s no harm done.

    • If you think he’ll step in and win 12 games, forget it. Not imtpnoart anyway. But this is a great move (no sarcasm intended whatsoever). Even if he fails to make the team out of spring training he’ll be an outstanding influence on what is expected to be one of the youngest starting rotations in the league. Plus, if anybody and I do mean anybody, can learn to improve their mound presence and changeup from him, he’ll be well worth it whatever they pay him. You can, after all, teach experience.

  3. Great first outing by Moyer. He may be old, but he bignrs much needed youthful energy to the team. Moyer also appeared to take command of the defense, something our young pitchers need to learn. He and his smokin’ wife are welcome in the city of motherly love.I’m impressed Gillick is “going with the flow” and adding where needed after July’s dumpfest. Now I’ll feel good about this year even if the Phils finish their usual one or two out of the Wild Card. Back in June I thought they’d be like seven under.I’m amazed how little I miss the “old Phils”. Hell, I’m struggling to even remember some of their names. I liked the team until last year’s defeat to the Astros. That overpaid team finished just under one too many times. I had enough of making one or two changes, which were usually bad changes anyway. WSBGMs saw the truth, and I’m glad Gillick did, too (except with Manuel).The team really seems to be trying now. I even like that Abreu and Lidle are faring so well for the Yanks. I like good baseball from all teams.

  4. Quick list of Phils rumors:1. Phils send pelrays to Cubs for Mark DeRosa (who can play 2nd and LF and bats righthanded). Those pelrays are then shipped to San Diego in a package to land Peavey for the Cubs. Jason Marquis could also be sent to the Phils.2. Phils are being aggressive with Derek Lowe.3. Amaro still wants Moyer back, but his asking price is still too steep.4. Juan Rivera and Raul Ibanez remain outfield targets.5. Nick Punto met with the Phils twice yesterday and is scheduled to meet with them again today. My prediction- he signs a 2 year 4 million deal and plays like shit.6. Phils at least checking out Delmon Young.*Feel free to add to the list throughout the day.

  5. That should have read “1 year 10 mioilln is silly” not “1 year 1 mioilln”. 1 year 1 mioilln would have been a steal.From Phillies Insider by Larry Shenk- “The next day Rose was at the winter meetings for a jam-packed press conference. Pete had agreed to a 4-year, $3.2 mioilln contract (New York Times, 12/6/78), making him the highest-paid player in the game. Pete, in his own way, described the money: “You could stack the money up and a show dog couldn’t jump over it.”Rose’s $800,000 contract pushed our 1979 payroll to $4.2 mioilln, then a major league record. How the times have changed.”

  6. Maybe I am being overly oitpmistic, but I can use Mike Timlin as an example of a pitcher who was pretty middling (at best) until he found the right situation with the Red Sox. Timlins best years statistically have all been with the Red Sox and he has been consistant year-in/out in his set role for Boston. Lets hope the same occurs with Romero. As commented earlier, if it does turn out to be a bust, he can be buried in the pen and as much as you dont like eating $4 mil a season for the next few years, it wouldnt exactly cripple the whole payroll. So, I will vote “mixed feelings” and hope for the best.

  7. Delmon Young is younger than Jason Donald, and Delmon has aedraly experienced MLB success, where as Donald hasn’t even had a MLB at bat. I like Donald’s potential, but right now Delmon is the proven commodity while Donald is completely unproven.On Moyer- this is ridiculous. The dude is old, really f’n old. 2 years 20 million is an outrageous request. Hell, 1 year 1 million is silly in my opinion too. No way in hell he repeats last season’s success, I’m expecting an era in the 4.75-5 area next season, and that ain’t worth 10 mil. Amaro is really being played like a chump.

  8. Yea, 4 million is a lot, but the btootm line is our team is better with him on it. We needed a lefty and we got it. Who cares about the cash. We all know the Phils have enough money in their fat pockets to the point that 4 million won’t break their bank. If we had a payroll like that of the Marlins, Devils Rays (oh I’m sorry…I mean ‘Rays’)or Pirates, then it may be a problem. We can afford 4 million for a lefty reliever. He may succeed, he may just be average…but TPTB can certainly handle that amount of loot.

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