It’s time; Final Four Predictions

As I previously talked about in my Final Four Preview, these games on Saturday should be exciting and fun to watch. While writing the preview, I decided I would save the predictions for this piece. So as I am writing this, I have run some numerous simulations of each game to see how it could possibly play out. I have to say I was a little surprised with some of the results, but if this turns out the way the simulations went, then I will be even more surprised.

VCU vs Butler:
The first game of the day is the most intriguing game of the day because you are pitting last years Cinderella against this years Cinderella. But the difference is that VCU is coming into this game on a real hot streak. If the Rams can contain Butler and withstand there best shot, then VCU may be in the championship game.  Final Score: VCU 76 – Butler 53

UConn vs Kentucky:
Everybody has said that the winner of this game is going to be the next National Champion. All I have to say is that nothing should be guaranteed for the winner of this game. Because anything can happen in this crazy tournament. This should be a very even game, but I think Kentucky will have a better chance at winning this game just because they have a visable speed advantage. But never count out Kemba Walker from UConn. Final Score: Kentucky 63 – UConn 62

According to the simulations and everything I have looked at, then our championship game will be Kentucky vs VCU. While I think this would be an entertaining final, I will hold off on predicting or previewing this match up until after the final game on Saturday. Please check back for championship game preview and predictions.

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  2. This has been a great tournament. Wish they would do this with football. It has been fun to watch and has captured the attention of the whole country. Can’t wait to see the games. Carry on my man.

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