Is this the begining of a Nolan Ryan Power play?

 Today we had breaking news about Chuck Greenberg was going to be stepping down as the CEO of the Texas Rangers. While for most of the day it was quiet and no real update or questions being answered in the reasons why. But there was a lot of speculation, everyone knew that Greenberg and Ryan never quite say eye to eye on the way things should be handled. And that even went as far on how Greenberg’s role would be handled. He was a minority owner who was to handle the CEO duties and kind of be the PR side of the business, but he wanted to be involved on the Baseball side as well.

So, it sounds like Nolan Ryan went to the money men behind the scenes and made the case that he needs to be in more control because he was the true baseball man and he knows what is best for the team. Which as with any business, once you have the money on your side, you have the power. Unfortunately for Chuck Greenberg, he was left out to dry and not has left the organization, whether it was a forced move or a mutual decision. But this has led me to question things as a fan, is this Nolan’s chance to make a power play and take full control?

Nolan Ryan has been put into legendary status in Texas and with the way most fans revere him and worship the ground he walks on, it is almost like he can do now wrong. But this has to be some what worrisome to the fan base, because even though Nolan is a very smart baseball mind and seems to be a very shrewed businessman. Do we really want to see another in full control owner who could risk running the club into ground? Much like Tom Hicks and Jerry Jones have done to their respective teams. Only time will tell on how this move plays out.

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2 thoughts on “Is this the begining of a Nolan Ryan Power play?

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  2. I would think Nolan has been in charge all along…but when Greenbeg dabbled in the baseball end it was…see ya. Nolan has a lot of experience, not only as a player, but as an owner. Hopefully his decisions will be right, but it is what it is, Greenberg is gone.

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