Is the Spurs Dynasty coming to an end?

The San Antonio Spurs find themselves in a very precarious situation right now. The Spurs were the hottest team a few months back and looked like there was going to be nothing to stop them from making another championship run. Then they met the Memphis Grizzlies, a team who had never won a playoff game in their franchise history. Let that sink in…NEVER won a playoff game before.

Now those Memphis Grizzlies are on the verge of knocking off the Wests number one seed. This could be something catastrophic for the Spurs as a team, because this team is not getting any younger. A lot of experts were touting this to be the Spurs last shot at a good title run. While I have been watching most of the games, I have started seeing tweets on the line of “”. That seems a little bit extreme, but I guess when you expect a championship run, and your facing first round elimination, there is a major up and down of emotions.

Will this dynasty end with a first round loss? Probably not, but the window is closing faster and faster each day. There are young and up and coming teams that are catching the Spurs and are ready to push them down into to the basement at first chance. Even if the Spurs find a way to win this series, there are a lot of questions going forward with this team, and fans are going to be unhappy if improvements aren’t made.

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One thought on “Is the Spurs Dynasty coming to an end?

  1. Although the Mavs never had a dynasty, you could be talking about them also with this article. They too are getting long in the tooth and this is probably their last shot. Suits me if the Spurs go away…maybe the Lakers will also. If the Mavs can’t win it then I’m ready for all the young and up and coming teams.

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