Is the NFL lockout almost over?

 If you have been paying attention to the media lately, then you have been hearing that the NFL lockout could be coming to an end very soon. in fact Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones made the comment in the media that it was just down to circumcising mosquitoes. What exactly that means, I have no clue. But I would have to figure that it means all the major items are cleared and now it is just having to dot the t’s and cross the i’s on the filler items.

I am not ready to just let my guard down and jump for joy, because at this point there is nothing rock solid. The owners are supposed to meet on Thursday and the league told them to have all the top executives available for what would be a vote to ratify the new deal. But the players aren’t making any statements that make me feel like this is a done deal. Call me skeptical, but I want to hear something positive coming from both sides before I will start planning my upcoming schedule.

I dedicate a huge portion of my weekends to football in general, but until a deal is signed, I am not quite ready to just plan for a day full of NFL football on Sunday. I have no question in my mind that we will see NFL football before to long. I just think they will have to start missing a little training camp and possibly some pre-season games before they make a deal.

Hopefully I am wrong about this and they will sign a deal on Friday. Because I am in dire need of some football to watch.

2 thoughts on “Is the NFL lockout almost over?

  1. Me too. Hope they get it done. Are you ready for some football? Leave it to Jerry for the quote of the day… whatever he meant.

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