Is Michael Young done?

I had once written that Michael Young was the consummate team mate and leader on the Rangers. This still holds true, as we are getting into the stretch run of the 2012 season, but Young has not had a typical season to his standards. His numbers so far this year are below his yearly average, I am sure some of that could be due to not playing in the field everyday and when he does, it is at a different position. This has led to the question in the media and on sports talk radio, is Michael Young done?

While I won’t be one of the ones to jump on Michael Young when he makes a mistake or has a bad game, I will admit his numbers are far lower than his career averages. Is this season just an anomaly? or is this the beginning of a downward slide at the tail end of a career? We won’t know the answer to either of those questions for some time, and all we can really focus on is this season. There is still plenty of time for Young to catch fire and boost his numbers this season.

Honestly I could really care less about his numbers during the season, the time when I want his numbers start climbing is when the playoffs start. If he can produce when the bright lights of the playoffs are shining then what he did during the season will not matter. It has been mentioned that the Rangers should bring up their top prospect Jurickson Profar and get him some time in the Majors. But who does he take away at bats from? or will he take away playing time in the field from Young?

Michael Young is the leader of this team hands down, and the front office has always handled him with care when it comes to tough issues about playing time, positions and overall happiness. This is one of those times they need to let him work this out on his own and see if he can produce when it counts the most, you have given him that much respect to this point, don’t knee jerk on one bad season.

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3 thoughts on “Is Michael Young done?

  1. Good one Kody. He is not done. Show me one other player in baseball that can play all the positions he plays, and he plays each as if he is there every day. He is one of the most talented baseball players ever. He will be there when it counts.

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