Is Johnny Manziel un-draftable?

Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel is at it again, as the College season came to a close, we started hearing less and less from “Johnny Football”. But now the draft is fast approaching and the combine will be starting soon, he decided to come out and speak. When asked his thoughts on Houston passing on him, he said “it would be the biggest mistake they could make”. Which is funny because he went on to politic for other teams and even said he “wants to be the guy to bring a Super Bowl to Cleveland”, he even went on to talk about how it would be folk lore if the Dallas Cowboys drafted him. Now pardon me while I pick myself off the floor from laughing at that last phrase.

Other than being a “TMZ dream come true” off the field, Johnny Manziel has been one of the most exciting college football players to watch, he had the knack of being able to turn a sure loss into a big gain. But let’s not forget there have been plenty of great “college quarterbacks” who never could turn it into “NFL success”, Tim Tebow anyone?? Is Johnny Manziel exciting to watch? Yes, but how long will he be exciting to watch when he gets pasted to the turf play after play? It is not unreasonable to think any team who drafts him will have a surge of excitement when they draft him, but it will be short lived.

But let’s wonder this, Johnny ran around last year and made headlines for some off the field activities, how much worse will all the headlines and scrutiny get when he has a big contract and nobody trying to hold him back? I have come to the conclusion he is his own worst enemy. He wanted to be a college kid and do things kids who aren’t Heisman winners get to do. But the media scrutiny wouldn’t allow that to happen; now he will probably be a top pick, more because of a team’s desperation than his actual talent, which means he will have every eye in the city on him where ever he goes all the time. If he is seen out at a bar instead of at the facility studying film, he will be blasted in the media. And what will happen when he sees the media blasting him? He will go off and probably end up making the fans mad, and start the slide out of the NFL. I am just basing this off his past behavior.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe he has matured to a point where he can come into the NFL and survive the magnified scrutiny and media questions about his focus and commitment to the team. He may prove to be a quality quarterback and find ways to win a few more games for some team who didn’t win much last year. But looking at his past, what he has done off the field and knowing how his style of game doesn’t fully translate into the NFL style, I feel like wasting a draft pick on him before the 5th or 6th round could be a waste of millions for some team. Obviously nobody will know what will happen with him until next season is played out, but knowing his run first mentality will more than likely get him seriously injured, RG3 anyone?, and shorten his chances at a long career. But again maybe he is working on it and changing how his game is played, but that still won’t fix the questions about arm strength. Because if you throw a duck in the NFL, it will be intercepted more times than it is caught by your receiver, Tony Romo anyone?, but once again he may be working on it and could prove everybody wrong, especially me.

If you look at the last three years off the field and look at the style of play he has been accustomed to and look at the NFL and how you have to be a better pocket passer than a running quarterback, it is safe to say he is a big risk and his immaturity and “Johnny football” persona should make him almost un-draftable for any smart General Manager. But then again, Jerry Jones is the guy in charge in Dallas and he will probably sell the farm to get Johnny Manziel…

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