Is it time to bring up Jurickson Profar?


The Rangers had a lot of people inquiring on Jurickson Profar back at the trade deadline. John Daniels didn’t want to trade the top prospect in the minor leagues, because he felt that Profar would be a key piece to the Rangers future. Now that the Rangers have a comfortable lead and Michael Young is struggling, Profar is the most popular player in the Rangers organization.

Profar is 19 years old and is having a good season down in Double a Frisco. But you have to wonder, is bringing him up during the most stressful part of the season a good idea? Chances are he will be able to join the club and have some success initially, but if he isn’t able to adjust to Major League pitchers they will eat him up at the plate. With his development in the Minors on track, do you really want to bring him up just to sit on the bench next to Mike Olt? He could use the consistent playing time to be a better player right now.

You wil be able to bring him up in September when the Minor League Season is over and let him get some valuable experience then, but I wouldn’t want to risk hurting his growth and confidence by bringing him up too early. Profar is tabbed as part of the future, let’s not destroy his future by bringing him up too soon. He needs to grow and develop in the M inor’s just like everyone else.

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2 thoughts on “Is it time to bring up Jurickson Profar?

  1. Reminds me of what happened to David Clyde, Chris Davis, maybe Olt and others in the organization. Don’t throw them to the wolves to quick. And anyway, Elvis is hitting his stride and turning into the complete shortstop. Somebody will end up being trade bait…may be him or may be Elvis. Biggest problem we have is pitching and our $100 million wonder boy apparently is not the answer for now.

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