Is Fielder A Better Solution Than Hamilton?

It is nearing the end of the Major League Baseball “Hot Stove” season and yet one of the biggest free agents is still sitting out there. It makes you wonder why. Prince Fielder, the biggest free agent behind Albert Pujols is still sitting in the market and has been reported to be waiting on the Texas Rangers to finish with the Yu Darvish negotiations.

Prince was reported to be in town for a meeting with Rangers brass last weekend, and there have been reports that make it sound like he wants to play here. That is all well and good, but then the local radio personalities and writers all jumped on the Prince band wagon saying he is a better option than Josh Hamilton. Upon hearing this, I had to literally scream out, “Not so fast my friends”.

I can understand some of the thought process. Prince Fielder is younger and could be able to fill the need longer than Hamilton. But at the same time, it is unknown how Fielder would fare in the American League. Breaking down the stats, both guys are pretty similar and could almost be interchangeable. But you have to remember, for the Rangers, Josh Hamilton is already an established player here and you know what you have.

Prince Fielder is going to be an unknown commodity. There have been rumblings about him not being a great “locker room” guy. And, he has been called a “cancer” before by some sports writers who covered him with the Brewers. Josh is a beloved player and has been great for team chemistry with the Rangers. The only glaring difference between the two players is the fact that Fielder has been able to play 162 multiple times in his short career and Josh Hamilton hasn’t been able to do that yet.

In my humble opinion, if you are going to dump a ton of money on one of these players. It would be wise for the Rangers to pay Josh Hamilton and have him finish his years here. He is already loved by all of the fans and has made his mark with the team. He is totally all out hustle, strong as a mule, runs like a deer and has shown a lot of character on and off the field. If you want to compare the stats, then go here to look at Hamilton’s’ and here to look at Fielder’s.

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2 thoughts on “Is Fielder A Better Solution Than Hamilton?

  1. Good post, good comparison. I’m a Josh fan. Fielder will probably weigh over 300 lbs soon, if not now. He hasn’t miss many meals. Like the way you tagged the post with the go here for the stats. Very innovative Kody.

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