Instant replay in Baseball?

Instant_ReplayDoes Major League Baseball need instant replay? There are arguments for both sides, but as a traditionalist, I would prefer to see replay stay out of baseball. There is something about watching a game and knowing that the umpires will be the final say on a call. Yes, they are human, and they will make mistakes but that’s the way baseball has been played over 100 years.

Baseball has a very distinct flow, and adding in something that is not a natural aspect such as instant replay can change that flow and make the game less enjoyable. Are there times where a bad call or absolute blown call could be reversed by replay? Yes, but in a game that already takes around 4 hours to complete, do you really want to push it into the 5 or 6 hour mark with stoppages to replay missed calls? I don’t think the average fan would like that, and I know traditionalists wouldn’t either.

The only way I want to sit through a five or six hour game, is if it is in extra innings or at worst weather delays. I am even against the thought of replay in the playoffs, if you start adding it there, then you open the door to more discussion. They have already made a mistake by allowing home runs to be replayed, in my opinion. Baseball is a great game that relies on the human element, and I prefer to keep it that way.

5 thoughts on “Instant replay in Baseball?

  1. Good blog my man. I love all the other sports, but we were all raised on baseball…especially the older generation. I like it the way it is and agree to let the human element decide the outcome. Bad calls always equal out anyway.

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  4. My concern about instant replay in baseball is that it doesn’t solve the problem – bad umpires. No amount of instant replay, no technology can overcome what idiots like Angel Hernandez or Joe West can do.

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