If you win, they will show

The Texas Rangers have been to the World Series for consecutive years now and are currently in first place in their division. Which would help explain why earlier this week, the franchise broke the record for number of sell outs earlier than the previous record which was set back in 1994 when Rangers Ballpark opened (then called Ballpark in Arlington). Take away the year the stadium opened and it has been just average attendance.

Dallas-Fort Worth has always been a Cowboys centric area, and people will flock to watch the Cowboys play regardless of their record. The Rangers on the other hand have struggled to draw many sellouts during the grueling season and especially during the hottest months of the summer. But this year, the team has seen bigger crowds to this point of the season, and more sellouts than any season since 1994.

Now you can’t say that everything is directly tied to the teams on field success, but that is a huge part of it.  The ownership group and front office staff have made numerous improvements to the ballpark and the in game enjoyment overall over the last few seasons.  But the fact that going into July with the Rangers in first place and the team is averaging 43,238 so far and has seen 1,686,317 total fans through the first 39 home games is amazing to think about.

Think about last year that the team had 81 home games and drew 2,946,949 total fans and averaged 36,382. While Texas is facing the hottest part of the summer during July, August, and well into September, If Texas keeps playing the exciting style of baseball then fans will show up regardless of the heat. This is a winner’s town, and everyone supports a winner regardless of the heat or weather. The Rangers are on pace to break the three million mark for the season for the first time ever, but they need to keep averaging in the 40’s to reach that goal.

The Rangers are just proof that if you win, the fans will show.

(Hat tip to Baseball Reference, and ESPN for the attendance figures)

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2 thoughts on “If you win, they will show

  1. Good article Kody. I too love the Cowboys, but I think DFW has also fallen in love with the Rangers. I think the winning and Nolan Ryan showing up has made the difference. It’s always hot in Texas in the summer. We are used to it. That’s an advantage to our team. GO RANGERS

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