Thoughts on Ian Kinsler’s comments

Ian Kinsler CommentsIan Kinsler recently came out with some comments about John Daniels and the Texas Rangers, and they seem to have started a fire storm for Ian in the area. But then after the comments reach a national audience, he wants to say they were taken out of context and back off of them a little bit. Unfortunately for Ian, this isn’t going to happen. While his comments seemed a little harsh and probably not the best comments to make a point, I think if you take a deep look at what he said, then there may be some truth in what was said. Because we have heard similar things about the Rangers organization from other players who have left, namely Josh Hamilton, you have to start to think there is some truth. Even though Josh has become public enemy number one, Ian will probably fall to Public enemy number two after these comments.

Let’s take a look at John Daniels here, he is not the most typical old school baseball guy, he comes from the saebermetrics crowd and has been very successful with it. I think some of this nerdy quality has a tendency to rub some players and on field personnel the right way. That is why having a manager like Ron Washington is such a good thing, because Ron is the old school baseball guy and he is beloved by the players. Is John Daniels a “sleaze ball”? As Kinsler put it? I wouldn’t go to that extreme to say he is. I think he is just a cut and dry numbers guy and it doesn’t equate in language to a player. Should John Daniels have given Kinsler the heads up? Yes, he probably should have said something instead of letting Kinsler find out about it in the media. But at the same time, if the trade didn’t work, he would have gotten Kinsler upset over nothing.

I do think Ian made a good point about John Daniels getting an ego after the World Series appearances and I think that has to be seen as part of the reason Nolan left before this year. Ian Kinsler will now be booed every time he steps foot in the ballpark, and John Daniels is taking the high road and not responding to the comments. John Daniels may not be the best general manager out there, and he may have made some dumb decisions, but in the end, he has helped build a winner and if the Rangers continue to win he will be liked by the fans. And Ian Kinsler will look like another scorned millionaire cry baby.

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  1. If you ask me, I think Jerry Jones ought to hire him. He would be a perfect fit for the Cowboys. I agree Kinsler stepped way out of bounds with his comments, but I’m not sure a lot of them weren’t true.

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