How much is C.J. Wilson worth?

C. J. Wilson has gone through the Rangers farm system and climbed from a bullpen guy to a number one starter this year.  He has been one of the few constants in the Rangers staff since he broke into the Majors in 2005.  But up until the last two years, he had never thrown more than 80 innings in a season, and the last two years he has thrown over 200 innings.  He’s good but not great.

While he has been a somewhat stable workhorse for the Rangers in their two playoff years, he has also failed to be “the stopper ” when he was called upon and needed to be the “ace”.  Going into his free agency, C. J. has been rumored to want a contract around 5 plus years for 80-90 million.  This is a lofty amount for him in my opinion. If I had to put a number on him, I would go 50-60 million tops.  C. J. is a good pitcher, and has eaten innings when it was asked of him during the marathon season.  But he has failed to show up in the playoffs and earn his “ace” status.

There are going to be teams who will come close to paying what C. J. is rumored to be asking.  It is my opinion if C. J. wants to take the money, the Rangers should let him.  There are better things to spend that kind of money on as opposed to a pitcher who comes off as a tool, and is rumored to not be very well liked by a lot of his team mates.  Plus, the fact that the teams who are willing to pay him are going to be the basement dweller clubs in the league.

C. J. Wilson is a California guy, with a New York state of mind.  This combination tends to rub fans and the media inTexasthe wrong way.  He seems willing to stay put in Texas for a price, but the price may be too high. I would like to see C. J. in a Rangers uniform next season, but I also want to see the team find a true “Ace” to be the go to guy.  C. J. is a solid number two guy and a superb number three; let’s try to get him back into his comfort zone.

It will come down to what he feels he is worth and what the team feels his value is.  If the price is too high, then the team would be best to let him walk and find his payday elsewhere.  A huge contract for C. J. is not worth losing a chance at a solid team for years to come.  The Rangers have gone that route before.

Let’s not forget there were two high paid ex Rangers watching the World Series on TV with the rest of us, Mark Teixeira and A-Rod.  Pay C. J., but pay only for what you get.

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