Hey Roy; Shut up or go home

On Sunday during the game in Kansas City it was reported that Roy Oswalt refused to go back out for a 3rd inning of relief when asked by manager Ron Washington. This coming after some reports that he was “pouting” and unhappy about being moved into the bullpen after the Rangers acquired Ryan Dempster.

The Rangers took a flyer on bringing in Oswalt halfway through the season, especially for a prorated 7 million dollar contract. He hasn’t really been that good for the Rangers since coming in to help a weakened rotation due to injuries.  It only made the most sense for Oswalt to be the odd man out because he hasn’t produced like some of the other guys.

The Rangers carry a very unselfish mantra as a team and every player will do their part to fill in where it is needed. This little temper tantrum by Oswalt is puzzling to say the least. He has a great chance to be part of a playoff team, and possibly win that elusive World Series, but he wants to whine and cry because he was put in the bullpen.

Roy Oswalt has some skins on the wall, and could be a great veteran presence when it gets to crunch time later into the playoffs. But he needs to accept that he isn’t the 20yr old Oswalt that earned his starting rotation spot, he is on the backside of a great career and he could really help this team with eating up 2,3 or four innings when asked.

The Rangers need to make sure that he won’t make what happened in Kansas City a common occurrence, because this team has great chemistry and this behavior could sour the clubhouse very fast. John Daniels, Nolan and Ron Washington need to sit Oswalt down and tell him to be a team player or go home.

This team can go far with his experience in the bullpen, but Roy Oswalt won’t be the deciding factor on if the Rangers can win a World Series or not. I think Roy needs to realize that himself.

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