Have theCowboys turned a corner?

The Cowboys got what some would call an impressive win on Sunday against the Eagles, but then some would say the Cowboys should have won by more with how bad the Eagles truly are. Either way you look at it, the win couldn’t have come at a better time; it is beginning to like the Giants are on a downward slide. If the Cowboys could get hot, it could start a hot streak into the post season.

Then again…when have the cowboys been able to string together back to back good games? This team is very Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but with the next four games against opponents who are not very good, this could be a good time for the Cowboys to “turn the corner” as it has been mentioned. Yes, it takes one win to start a winning streak, but you have to follow up the next game with another win, and against Cleveland, most would say that is a good possibility.

For most fans, winning three of the next four and five of the last seven would be a great accomplishment for this team, and possibly put them in position for a playoff berth. Especially if the Giants continue to struggle and slide back to the Cowboys in the division standings.  If you are a realist instead of an optimist, then you know the chances of them winning five of the last seven are slim, but it could happen.

This is a very talented team, and could get hot at the perfect time of the season. We could be sitting back in late December saying this team turned a corner in November. Then again, we could also be saying they need to “Suck for (first round choice here)”. If the Cowboys just take it one game at a time, this could be a great start toward a strong finish, and most of Dallas’ hardcore fans will be ready to cheer their “boys” to the post season.

One thought on “Have theCowboys turned a corner?

  1. Good article Kody. I hope they turn the corner…however with Jerry at the wheel they will probably go into an uncontrolled slide and hit the wall as they go around the corner. Such is life when you have an owner like the Cowboys.

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