Has Dallas-Fort Worth finally embraced the Rangers?

For 37 of the Rangers 40 years in the metroplex they have largely been an afterthought. But with back to back American League championships and World Series appearances, there seems to be a shift in the attention the Rangers are getting. Used to the team would be the last story of the night on the news cast and unless it was completely dead, last page of the newspaper.

But as this season is still in its infancy, I have noticed that the local media is all of a sudden showing more interest in the Rangers. Not to mention the fans are starting to flock to the Ballpark in droves. At the end of the last home stand, the Rangers are on pace to draw two million fans in the stands faster than ever before. All of this and the fact that more people are wearing their Rangers gear in this early season has led me to wonder, is Dallas-Fort Worth finally embracing the Rangers?

Yes, there are the fans who have been with the franchise since that first season in 1972. Then there are the children of those fans who have grown up as a Rangers fan and have lived a life of pain and suffering because of it. That is until recently, now all of the long suffering fans can proudly talk about their favorite team and have more pride than ever before.

Dallas is known as a winners town, and now that the Rangers are consistently winning, then they are grabbing more attention. But in this situation, the long time fans aren’t mad about the new “bandwagon” fans, they are just hoping they will stick around when a long MLB season starts to become a grind and the Rangers aren’t winning every night. In a way Dallas has embraced the Rangers, and is loving the new found success. But the question will be if these “New” fans will be around when the team hits a rough patch.

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5 thoughts on “Has Dallas-Fort Worth finally embraced the Rangers?

  1. Tickles me to death. It has been quite a ride the past two years and this year looks like we are off again. I hope so. Sure they will lose some fans, but the base is growing and I think it is great. After all, Baseball is America’s game.

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  3. Don’t know where you get your information but you have missed the point. This may be true with the Dallas side of the Metroplex.
    However, Fort Worth and Tarrant County have been behind the Rangers since the beginning. They may be the back page of the sports in that Dallas rag but not the Star-Telegram. The Rangers have a very loyal following. Your title indicates that you really are an outsider who knows nothing about Fort Worth.

    • There has always been a hardcore fanbase. I never disputed that fact. But overall, the Rangers have always been near the bottom of the sports pecking order. The whole point of my article is that with their succsess recently, they are starting to hold more headlines than the Cowboys, who have dominated all sports talk and coverage for the last 30+ years.

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