Government keeps it’s nose in Sports

For the last five or six years there has been one thing that seems to be a constant, our federal government has spent more time sticking it’s nose into sports and sports issues, than worrying about the bigger issues. This all started earlier in the 2000’s when the steroid scandal broke in Major League Baseball. They spent countless hours interviewing executives and players over the scandal. While it was a problem within the game, call my crazy but there was no need to have congress waste time and money going through all of those hearings.

On that same side note, we have Lance Armstrong being investigated for possible steroid use and now they are talking about having a grand jury convene and get involved, which will lead to more grand standing on Capitol Hill and more congressmen dancing in front of cameras and of course more wasted government time over a sports issue. I understand that the whole steroid issue trickles down into the average Americans homes because it is an issue in High School sports as well. But for someone who is an adult to have to answer to our government on something that only affects them just seems silly.

But the real topper that now has me frothing at the mouth and ready to write a letter to my congressman is that they are now wanting to delve into the BCS and non-playoff issue in college football. Are you kidding me? Every college football fan is begging for a playoff, but nobody wants to see our government go in and try to be the hero. They should be focusing on unemployment, national debt and countless other issues. But why would they focus on an important issue, when they can waste time and jack around with our beloved college football.

There is no reason that the federal government should be involved with the BCS, even if it is the most hated issue in college football today. But I would rather have a whole group of fans find a way to boycott the BCS and handle the issue ourselves than see it have to be dealt with by our elected officials. So please stay out of our sports, we as fans can handle the issue ourselves. If we get fed up with it, then we will stop attending games and pumping our hard earned money into sports.

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