Goodbye Wade; Hello Garrett: Cowboys get a new coach.

The Dallas Cowboys finally made a good move this season. Jerry Jones righted a wrong today by firing Wade Phillips. While this is a great move, it is still a far cry from the one that needs to be made.

Jason Garrett will finally get his chance to be a head coach. If he does good, he may have a chance to become the permanent coach. This seems highly unlikely though since the offense has been dismal at best. But at least Jones and Garrett will now be able to say they tried.

Now the question will be, who is the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys? There is already a list of names around, which include Bill Cowher, John Gruden, Nick Saban and even Tony Dungy. While it seems more like a dream than reality for any of these guys, at least Jerry will offer up good money to entice them. But the big question is going to be will Jerry relinquish control to one of these guys? That is one question we have to wait to find out the answer to.

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