Gary Patterson; Now the winingest coach in TCU History


Gary Patterson passed Dutch Meyer for the all time wins at TCU, this is an amazing accomplishment for Gary and a tribute to the program he has built in Fort Worth. He has led the Horned Frogs twice to undefeated seasons, and have helped them win conference championships at every stop since moving to the WAC from the disbanded Southwest Conference. But it seemes surprising that Gary is still at TCU after 12 years, He has had oppertunities to go to other schools, but has chosen to stay with TCU.

The TCU faithful love their coach and are proud of his accomplishment and hope to see many more wins for the Horned Frogs. Now that TCU is in the Big XII, a lot of fans are hoping to see the Frogs in a national championship hunt. While I won’t say this is guarunteed, with Gary coaching and the job he has done in 12 years, it wouldn’t surprise me to see TCU have a shot at it. He has led them to the top of the mountain in every conference, and even led TCU to the Rose Bowl as a “BCS buster”. It will only be a matter of time before the top of the Big XII has to look over their shoulder at a charging Horned Frog.

One thought on “Gary Patterson; Now the winingest coach in TCU History

  1. Great story Kody. He is a great coach and a man of principal. He will get them to “the big game” eventually.

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