Frustrations continue for Dale Jr.

The last two weekends have been a series of ups and downs for Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his legions of fans. Last weekend during the Coca Cola 600, he was in the lead but ran out of gas in the middle of turn 4. And once again this weekend, the fuel mileage concern came into play with Jr. in 2nd place with less than 10 laps to go and charging toward leader Brad Kesolowski, but was told he had to start to conserve fuel. Fortunately he was able to finish second instead of coasting across the finish line and being passed by cars still running.

But that being said, it has been since Fathers day of 2008 in Michigan since Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been in victory lane. But his fans have to feel some encouragement that he has been running better this season as a whole than the past few seasons. Running good and being relevant again is always a positive in NASCAR, but the problem is he has the pressure from his team and sponsors to win races and compete for championships. And Dale Jr. has not been in contention for a championship since he switched over to Hendrick Motorsports.

Maybe the last two weeks are an omen for Jr. and his team that they will find victory lane soon, because he has been oh so close the last two races. For the legions of Jr. nation, that day when he finds victory lane will be a very sweet day.

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  1. As a lifelong Earnhardt fan, I’m not frustrated in the least bit. I’m more encouraged with Junior’s run this year than at anytime since he moved to Hendricks. He’s contending for a championship. 3rd in the points (just a point out of second place), he’s finished in the top ten 7 out of 13 races, his (and his team’s) overall demeanor is much more relaxed, yet focused than in years past. This comes through on the radio and in every interview he gives. I’ll grant that the winless streak isn’t great, but as fans we should take the long view of a season just like the team has.

    • Very true, the overall season is very encouraging for any Earnhardt fan, but the last two races and the victory being oh so close is frustrating still the same. He is on the edge of winning a race.

    • I’m a homer and love Jr. His dad was my all time favorite driver. Jr is having a much better year than the last two…just wish he could put a notch in his pistol. I think it’s coming. Don’t know how long Hendrick will stay with him if he doesn’t contend this year.

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