Four team playoff; Good start for Change

On Monday afternoon there was an announcement that had every college football fan standing and cheering in their offices, cars and homes.  This has been a longtime coming for major College football and now the presidents have decided to adopt a 4 team playoff after decades of complaints from fans. Yes, they tried to create the BCS to have a “true” championship game but it backfired horribly and ended up leaving the BCS look like a bigger fraud than the original bowl system and voting practices.

While most fans are rejoicing about the fact there will be a playoff system starting in 2014. The pundits and college football writers are already starting the speculation of when, not if, but when the actual playoff will expand. Some are contemplating it will happen within the first three years and others think it won’t change until the contract period ends. At this point, why make it more of an issue? Enjoy the fact there will be a “true champion” in college football for the first time ever.

Everyone has their own opinions about this and all the “nuts and bolts” of how the playoff system should work. At this point, I am happy they finally agreed to take it this far. But I think everyone knows the first time there is a 5th team who is perceived to be a better candidate over the number 4 team, everyone will start speculating on increasing it 6,8,10,12 or even 16. Heck, people are already speculating it now, and we still have two years before it officially starts.

My personal thought is it will increase, probably not to the size of the NFL playoffs. But it will have more than four teams at some point down the road. For right now, I say we let the playoff start and see how it works before we spend more time complaining about what won’t work before we ever see it in action. Right now is a time to celebrate the change and take solace in the fact College Football is finally getting it right.

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2 thoughts on “Four team playoff; Good start for Change

  1. Love your thoughts. Love the idea of giving it a chance. Good article and well stated. So glad we will at least have a playoff. Alabama didn’t even win their division…why were they in the playoffs anyway? At least this action will stop that kind of thing.

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