Favre finally retires for good…So he says

Pardon my skepticism here, but yesterday Brett Favre said once again, that he is done. While this has been an on going thing for the last three years and an on going breaking news story for ESPN. At the beginning of this season, he made it sound like this was his last(finally). And if you listened to him yesterday, he pretty much sounded like he was completely done. But there has to be a question in the back of every-one’s mind, is this time for real?

While watching Brett get batted around like a ping pong ball this season was painful, yet sometimes comical, hopefully he will do us all a favor and stay away next year. I know this thought pains the ESPN executives because they will have to find actual programming to fill the countless hours they used having live reports of him mowing his grass, or throwing to high school kids in Mississippi. Oh! Breaking News! Brett Favre seen leaving his house, oh wait, he is going to McDonald’s, never mind. So, for once can we look forward to a quiet off season?

While it was fun to watch him play, I think he ended his career over hyped and had to much revenge on his mind. He can claim that he wanted to win another Super Bowl. But his motivation was to stick it to the Packers every chance he got. Which is why he ended up in Minnesota. In the end, his need for revenge may have been a problem that nearly got him killed this season. While he is going out $50,000 poorer than he started, I don’t think it will hurt him. He can spend his days on that Mississippi land, and go throw passes at the local high school just for fun. Hopefully this time he will just stay retired.

2 thoughts on “Favre finally retires for good…So he says

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  2. He may have retired from the football field so he will have time to go to court and defend the lawsuits against him. He was a great player…should have quit when he left the Packers, or at least after last year where he had a good season. This year was a heart breaker. Good article Kody.

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